We recently completed a custom digital commission for one of Chevron’s newly built spaces and wanted to share with you a bit of the process and final results.


4 digital collages containing specific topographic, geologic and thematic elements to be placed in separate boardrooms for 4 primary areas of business in the Chevron Mid Continent Business Unit:

  • The Delaware Basin
  • The Midland Basin
  • The Central Permian Basin
  • The Midland Odessa Basin


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The first step was to research the area on a somewhat academic basis to understand region-specific elements such as the vegetation, foliage (or lack thereof), prominent landscape structures and in what capacity the company was involved in each area.

Secondly (and my most favorite part) is to find a cohesive set of topographic maps that cover all the areas needed. In this case, I drew from the 1964 U.S. Geological Survey Archives as they have both great detail and recognizable names but are not too cluttered with unnecessary information.

Collect licensed imagery of the region to put them together in groups that pertain to each one.

Develop the color palette for each piece as we were provided a prospective background wall color for the space they were being placed.

Manipulate the regional imagery and topographical map elements to highlight specific and relatable locations that the company is active in for each piece that the employees would be able to relate and respond to when investigating the final piece.

The rest is just putting on some good music and putting it all together. After a few sets of revisions I believe we came upon a nice series of boardroom pieces that all tell a story and can be a part of Chevron being able to continue to tell theirs.

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Delaware Basin
1-Delaware Basin

Midland Basin
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Permian Basin
3-Permian Basin #1
Midland Odessa Basin
4-Midland Odessa Basin