Recently we were cleaning up our image database and came across a pocket of images that had been previously overlooked somehow and did not make it to the available collection.

Fifteen of which were from the late Ellen Dittebrandt.

They were an absolute surprise to me as I had grown accustomed to the surreal fact that I probably never would see new work from her again.  There have been other times in which I see work from other artists and “rediscover” it, temporarily thinking it’s the first time I’ve seen it but then later realize I had a snapshot of it stored in the mental database from years past. That’s never happened with Ellen’s work, every piece has a distinct motion, emotion and identity, and I knew immediately that the file “1880.tif” from a 2002 folder was not something I forgot about. It was something new to me and I’m happy to be able to share them with you.

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One of our last correspondences with Ellen was concerning a new piece she had just completed,  “Untitled 2014”.  After the unfortunate event and her unexpected passing, the dust began to settle and we realized the only traces we had of this “Untitled” was the quick photo she snapped and sent us.
We searched and searched but could not find the original or an archival scan of the piece.

My wife, Renee came up with the idea to do a restoration-collaboration and reproduce the piece in tribute to Ellen and her life’s work.  With extreme attention to detail and absolute skill, Renee was able to come very close to the reference Ellen provided and create an accurate representation that will allow us to continue to share the work of Ellen Dittebrandt.

Though it’s not perfect and exactly what she painted, it has a part of Ellen, Renee, and the rest of American Artists Series in it and that’s why we wanted to share it with all of you.

Always in our hearts, dedicated to Ellen & Judith Dittebrandt

– Charles Vinson & American Artists Series

Original reference provided by Ellen:

ellen-new copy

Final version:

A Line Stunning Off the Shoulder Corset Lace Tulle Wedding Dress

Two Tone Strapless Sweetheart Classic Fall Bridesmaid Dress

All credit and rights from distribution of this image will be accredited solely to Ellen Dittebrandt.

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