Custom Commissions

Sometimes a certain space requires a unique and personal touch.

When designing a space that in itself has a story, creating a visual representation of that context and history has an incredible effect. This is why we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind visual design to help meet those needs. Each piece below tells a story, incorporates local/regional or even personal details to best capture the importance of that space’s story. Whether it be “we need an Austin skyline with local street art”, a topographic illustrated map for an Intelligence Agency or a visually stimulating landscape for Memory Care, each piece starts with a conversation.

It is of most importance to find the elements that mean something to those that are placing it as well as the intended viewers.

In healthcare this is important; to bring something to the space that feels like home, something recognizable and specific that facilitates comfort and care. In other applications, there is so much untold history that can be brought to the visual surface to allow for those stories to continue to be told.

This only can happen with communication and collaboration.

This is why with every project, it is 1-on-1 from start to finish. Bringing the client into the process to be involved and watch how the design evolves allows for magic to happen. If you are looking to provide a truly unique piece for your client, contact us to learn more about the process.


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Featured: Medical History Mural

Design Prompt:

“A panoramic mural of The History of Medicine with an emphasis on surgery and the medical contributions of Texas.”

This piece covers the history of medicine from 350BC to current day, with each element is specific to the era. Highly researched and historically accurate, it is installed in a teaching hospital in Texas. In total, there are over 90 individual elements incorporated, each to their corresponding timeline.

Detailed View

Map Legend

The installed piece is 30′ long and each element is historically specific and relevant to the timeline. We created a map legend to be displayed nearby for viewers to be able to reference and interact with such an immersive piece

Notable Locations of Installed Work

Body of Work

These are assorted images of the graphics and installations for previous work. In this section you will find things from healthcare, corporate, hospitality and personal commissions.

Featured #2: Topographic Portraits

These topographic portraits were commissioned by the National Geospatial Imaging Institute. Each placed in a different boardroom, the portraits pay homage to seven of the most influential members in cartography, technological advancements and research in the intelligence community. Each map is specific to these members’ life and work, and in some cases made by them.


These are the names of the significant contributors of the Intelligence Community that are represented in the portraits.

Featured #3: Architectural

In this section is work for government clients that wanted a creative interpretation of significant historical landmarks. I chose to feature this to show it is not always “digital design”. All of my work involves some element that is hand-drawn, and I find this incredibly important. Whether it be line drawing, pastel color fields, encaustic textures, each piece involves multiple techniques and disciplines.

Featured #4: Botanical

Featured #5: Regional

Let’s Tell a Story.

Art is meant to create connection. Whether it be a personal association to the work or to curate a space for a community to identify with, it all starts with a story. Translating it visually is a conversation and I’m looking forward to speaking.

Sam Vinson, Artist

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